About LianTronics

Founded in 2003, Shenzhen Liantronics Co., Ltd. is equipped with the most advanced technology to develop and manufacture LED displays. Not only do we manufacture our own brand-name product, but customers can rest assured that our OEM/ODM orders can meet their needs and bring life to their creative ideas, leading to the foundation of our own IPO in 2011.

Liantronics employs a strong R&D team which has earned us 111 national patents and allows us to reach a wider international market. We also have an experienced team of 50 professional sales staff. This group of professionals has supplied more than 10,000 LED displays to customers in more than 90 countries around the world, including the following examples:

New Giza, Egypt: PH32 LED display, 1208m2
2014 FIFA World Cup: PH20 LED display, 400m2
Hollywood: PH8 LED display, 61m2
Hong Kong Church: PH3.81 LED display, 58m2
Thailand: PH16 LED display, 524m2

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Shenzhen Liantronics Co., Ltd.

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